Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Society of Irresponsibility

It does not take much to convince anyone that society, as a whole, has become more irresponsible in recent years than it has ever been.  All one has to do is open any newspaper or any news website and read about the latest criminal who has been arrested or being searched for murder, theft, embezzlement, or any combination of crimes.  Sometimes it seems like reading a daily newspaper is like reading a violent crime novel.  Or, take for instance, the growing rate of infant death because of negligence by their parents, who are too irresponsible to buy a decent crib for their child and instead place on the mattress next to them when they sleep.  One can also look at the recent outcry of the "Occupy Movement," which states that the government should repay all college students' loans for them and that corporate America should dish out jobs to them, but not make too much money because it is not fair that there be some rich people and some poor people.  Yes, it does not take much to see that society has become repugnant, irresponsible, and lazy while adopting an attitude of entitlement.  Where did this attitude come from?  Why has society taken a turn for the worse?  One only has to look to the government who leads this ungrateful and spoiled population.  How can the American people be expected to be resourceful, financially responsible, and morally upstanding if the government that leads them has been found incapable of doing so itself?

It does not take long to find the moral bankruptcy of our current administration.  On May 8, 2009, President Obama's budget eliminated a great deal of funding for abstinence only education in schools; In August of 2010, he cut funding to 176 abstinence education programs; in 2007, while still a senator, Obama voted against banning partial birth abortions.  While some may disagree and say that abortion is not immoral, it is important to keep in mind that oppressive, cruel governments like China also legalize abortion.

It also does not take long to find the financial irresponsibility of the current administration.  In the last three years the national debt has almost doubled.  This country has gone through a failed stimulus, a growing unemployment rate, a decline in the middle class, and the worst economic situation since the Great Depression.  One would assume that any leader of a country that is facing such an economic downfall would jump at any opportunity to get money into the economy.  This administration, however, did not.  The Canadian government approached the United States with a proposal to build a pipeline from Canada into the United States so that America could buy more oil from Canada and less from the Middle East.  In addition to the $7.6 billion Canada was willing to spend on this pipeline, this would have also created hundreds or thousands of jobs for Americans to help build it.  Furthermore, the oil America would buy from Canada instead of the Middle East would save this country billions of dollars.  This would certainly not solve the debt crisis, but it would definitely be a step in the right direction.

Due to this administration's lack of moral integrity and financial ineptness, how can it be a surprise that more and more Americans fall into debt while spending what little money they have on devices and vices that they should not spend any money on in the first place.  The government hands out money to people in poverty, which is fine in a sense, but what happens to that money?  There are a number of people who are working hard and are trying to use that money that they get from the government to make themselves more independent.  But there is a great number of people who let the government money create in themselves a sense of dependency, and out of this feeling comes an attitude of entitlement. 

Who can blame them, though?  They are led by a government who wastes, fails to save, and refuses to accept projects that will make money.  It is not surprise then that Americans waste money, have little to save, and would rather be given money than make money.  Irresponsible government has created our irresponsible society.

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