Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Will Live the Rhyme

In the time it takes you to read this,
What else could you have done?
Perhaps you could taken a walk
And enjoyed the summer sun?

Or maybe you could have called your mother,
Whom you haven't seen for quite a while,
And told her how much you miss her cooking;
(You know that would make her smile).

You could have even picked some flowers
For the sweetheart you hold dear;
It's been forever since you've done that;
Why are you still sitting here?

The weeds in your garden are growing fast
And your grass is getting long.
You could go out and be productive
Instead of reading this absurd song.

When's the last time you played catch
With your son, brother, friend?
Your glove is sitting on your shelf;
Right there, there on the end.

When's the last time you enjoyed your life
And actually thought of being alive?
Do you realize there's meaning for you,
Goals for which you need to strive?

Have you noticed the leaves turning green
and the fields are in full bloom?
I know I'd rather be out there
instead of this suppressive room.

The World is really a beautiful place
When you really stop to ponder.
But we waste it away by sitting around;
How can we do this? I wonder...

Well I don't know about you, reader,
Sitting there wasting time,
But I am through with idleness;
I will live the life of rhyme.

I will live my poetry, instead of write it;
I refuse to waste away.
Are you through as well, my friend?
Tell me, what will you go do today?

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