Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, second semester for some reason always is stressful, dramatic, and just an overall nightmare. Believe me, nobody knows this better than me. After pondering why this is for a good, long while I believe I have reached a substantial theory: second semester sucks worse than first semester because there is nothing to look forward to in the summer like there is during winter (Christmas). Now, along with this, I have devised a solution. If we move Christmas to the middle of summer, second semester won't suck.

Think about it; when we leave for winter break, we are all happy and cheerful because we are home for Christmas. When we leave for summer, what can we say? We're home for the frickin' 4th of July? Whoopdy Doo! Here's what we do: we take Christmas and put it in late June, early August. Then we are happy because we have a more substantial holiday in the middle of break. I'm not saying that the Fourth is not substantial, but honestly, New Years is pretty substantial and no one says they're excited to be home for New Years! No! They're glad to be home for Christmas! Ok, so we moved Christmas. Now we take Thanksgiving and move it up three weeks.
Now we're home for Thanksgiving and New Years, instead of the pointless Thanksgiving break in November that a certain RA had to stay on campus for. Now look! We've eliminated a pointless break, and made summer vacation and second semester ending more enjoyable and less stressful because now there's something to look forward to in both breaks! There problem solved!

Oh and to all you who say Christmas needs snow... the carols are wonderful and all, but think of all the wonderful new music can be written by changing the date. And if you're celebrating Christmas for the right reasons, snow shouldnt matter.

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  1. Consequences: (1)Fall break is a week long rather that a stupid two days that I can't even go home over. (2) The combination of Thanksgiving and New Years sounds great, but I wouldn't be nearly as happy about that break if we took Christmas out of the equation. Quite frankly, I think that people don't like second semester because they've had about nine months of school and they just want to be done. I don't think it has anything to do with what break you're heading toward. At the same time I like your suggestion and I think we should try it.